For that extra bit of security without breaking the bank, try Twin Wire Mesh fencing.

Praised for its versatility, twin wire mesh fencing is ideal for a plethora of different locations including commercial and industrial properties, schools, colleges and sporting facilities. Used in conjunction with steel posts, these fences offer ultimate levels of protection that you can rely on for many years to come.

Our twin wire mesh fencing is supplied in panel form. The panels are 2.5m wide and have a 200 x 50mm profile. It is supplied in heights ranging from 1800mm to 2400mm. There are 2 options available. Choose from either the 656 system which uses 2 x 6mm vertical wires which trap a 5mm wire inbetween them, or the heavier 868 range. The panels are fixed to 60x60mm box section steel posts using steel clips with 8mm security bolts.

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Twin Wire Mesh Clip System

PPC Green 656 clip system 868 clip system
1.8m high  £24 per mtr & vat £31 per mtr & vat
2.0m high £27 per mtr & vat £34 per mtr & vat
2.4m high £31 per mtr & vat £41 per mtr & vat